Meg Fowler Tripp

Principal, Director of Editorial Strategy

As Director of Editorial Strategy, Meg collaborates with our clients to articulate their mission, vision, values, and impact. If you need words, she carries a whole bunch of them everywhere she goes.

“I love helping people and organizations find the words to describe who they are, and who they want to become. That’s why the vast majority of my time is spent being a good listener and translator. Whatever is left is for drinking coffee.”

  • I can’t live without my

    Chef's knife, and that doesn't sound at all suspicious

  • I get irrationally excited about

    All things hygge: the Danish word for (roughly speaking) a feeling of coziness and comfort

  • A surprising skill of mine

    I can hum along with songs I've never heard before

  • My walk-up song in the big leagues would be...

    Ideally? Barracuda. More likely? It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing.


  • Burning through documentaries on Netflix

  • Heading to the beach, in any season

  • Cooking, cooking, cooking

  • Endlessly re-designing the decor of my home... in my head

  • Getting a little too excited about New England sports