Content & messaging

We create messaging architectures, content, and communications plans that articulate, clarify, and elevate what you care about most, to the audiences and people who matter most to you.

Your organization has a mission and a vision to pursue, rich ideas and information to share, unique audiences you need to speak to in different ways, and a voice worth hearing. We help you cultivate a resonant, authentic verbal brand with content that speaks volumes—across media, across platforms, online and off.

We help when

  • Your message and voice is out of tune with your constituencies
  • You find it difficult to talk about the totality of your endeavors
  • You need a  framework to help your organization stay on message
  • Your social media output is uneven—and unfocused
  • You’re trying to shake erroneous and/or out of date misperceptions
  • Your current message is too “one-note” for your broad base of constituents
  • Your fundraising efforts require engaging a new type of donor

We deliver

  • Messaging frameworks
  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Naming / taglines
  • Editorial consulting
  • Social media strategy
  • Nomenclature systems
  • Style guides
  • Training and ongoing editorial support