Project Bread / Walk for Hunger

Making the case for a fresh approach to ending hunger

Project Bread, the only statewide anti-hunger organization in Massachusetts, works to break the cycle of hunger and poverty by devising, funding, advocating for, and facilitating solutions that change lives across the Commonwealth.

To advance its work, it needs to attract upwards of 45,000 people (many of them high school students) to its annual walk; engage major donors; and get and keep the attention of civic, religious, and educational leaders.

Through a comprehensive rebranding, we collaborated to solve pressing organizational issues, not the least of which was redressing the brand imbalance between the organization and its signature fundraising walk.

We worked to clarify areas of focus, roles, and attributes, and developed a modular messaging framework, new visual language, a fresh approach to direct mail fundraising, and a complete print architecture.

For each of the last four Walks, we’ve integrated print, web, environmental media, and social media to spread the word and attract walker-donors. An Instagram campaign expanded on our “I walk because…” theme to include the many reasons that people walk. Our latest, “Good food is a basic right” campaign positions the fight against hunger as a broader social justice issue. 

A new website with increased functionality and a vastly improved user experience brings the Fresh Approach to Ending Hunger tagline to life online. The site elevates people as the heart of our food system, puts faces to the issues Project Bread works to combat, more clearly defines and communicates the breadth and depth of Project Bread’s work, provides ways in for users ranging from those in need of help to donors, partners, and policy makers, and—for the first time—truly puts the Walk for Hunger in context. The site shows, rather than simply telling.

We’ve also just launched a school food website in partnership with the Trefler Foundation, designed to provide nutrition-focused resources and support for those who fund, plan, cook, and serve school meals.

On a day-to-day basis, we continue to collaborate on coordinated email campaigns, newsletters, direct mail, and events, all of which work to build recognition, participation, and investment. 

Visually connecting established brands to build equity

Project Bread and Walk for Hunger logos


Project Bread homepage on desktop and mobile device
Project Bread Community Solutions interior page
Get the Facts page with grid of statistics

Transforming school food—a resource website for everyone

Transforming School Food Online Resource Hub homepage
School Food Services Staff interior page
Creating Healthy Recipes & Menus interior page
Transforming School Food Online Resource Hub on desktop and mobile device


Holiday cards

Project Bread holiday cards: Graphics of snowy fields with trees, kids in winter clothes, vegetables

Fall Harvest Fest 2016 invite

Project Bread 2016 Fall Harvest Fest invitations

Fall Harvest Fest 2015 Invite

Project Bread 2015 Fall Harvest Fest invitations


Project Bread stationary: letterhead, envelope, business card

Walk For Hunger 2017 advertisements

Project Bread Walk for Hunger 2017 advertisements: good food is a basic right

Walk For Hunger 2016 advertisements

Project Bread Walk for Hunger 2016 advertisements: Walk for her/him/them


Project Bread Powerpoint slides: statistics

Brand Book