Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Reintroducing an internationally renowned orchestra

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra is a successful, vibrant, relevant organization—with a strategic plan to make it even more so. It weathered the global financial downturn and concurrent downturn in arts attendance better than many, and it has a new Chief Conductor and Artistic Director.

But there were threats to its success, and we were brought in to help the organization to better understand and promulgate its story and to develop a more integrated brand architecture, and to re-vamp completely the Symphony’s visual expression.

Tactically, we produced a completely new set of marketing materials, all new formats for advertisements, education, and development materials, and consulted with their in-house web team on phase 1 of a web update.

The results have been great: the best subscription stats in the last 20 years and improved numbers for their make-your-own Connoisseur’s program.

Another sign of success: the brand attributes and main messages are now part of everyone’s vocabulary.

Bringing the energy with a vibrant new logo

Sydney Symphony Orchestra logo stacked

Defining a sophisticated and lively brand

Brand book spread

Season brochure

Your Season 2015 brochure
Your Season 2015 brochure spread
Your Season 2015 spread
Your Music, Your Orchestra interior page

Lifestyle brochure to motivate single ticket buyers to subscribe

Your Season 2015 book cover
Your Season 2015 book spread
Your Season 2015 book spread
Your 2015 Season book spread
Your Season 2015 book spread
Brochure interior page

Connoisseur brochure

Harvard College Symphony Society

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Defining a sophisticated and lively brand

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