Samar Ibrahim

Design Director

As Design Director, Samar collaborates with our strategists, developers, user experience pros, and clients to create elegant, engaging, and functional designs across multiple mediums. She’s known for both her artistry and her ability to interpret even the most complex needs.

“I get to work with some really cool people, both internally (our office) and externally (our clients). The wide range and variety of projects I get to work on any given day keeps this job all the more stimulating, fun, and exciting!”

  • I can’t live without my

    Running shoes, passport, I <3 lists notebook, tweezers, and peanut butter

  • When I’m not on Blackstone Square, you’ll find me

    At the gym / out for a run, or in my kitchen trying out a new dairy-free recipe

  • Everyone in the office could tell you how much I love my

    Paper crinkling / “sculptures”


  • Breaking a sweat (at the gym, out for a run, snowboarding/skiing... )

  • Trying out a new dairy-free recipe 

  • Reading up on health / fitness articles and news

  • Exploring a new part of town

  • Enjoying a good comedy (Life in Pieces / The Big Bang Theory / Modern Family)