Roger Sametz

President and Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of Sametz Blackstone Associates, and our ongoing President and CEO, Roger takes the lead on our brand strategy engagements, helping clients articulate their value, develop a cohesive verbal and visual brand, and differentiate themselves on their competitive landscape.

“Everyone we work with has a mission—one that makes a positive difference in people’s lives—and it’s always both invigorating and satisfying to be part of teams that help our clients to better realize their missions, and make more of a difference. While we have different disciplines under our roof, we’re really all focused on helping organizations start and nurture relationships… and bring people closer. And that’s never boring.”

  • When I’m not at Blackstone Square, you might find me

    At the gym

  • Everyone in the office could tell you how much I love my

    Afternoon Flour Bakery brownie (that I’m trying to give up)

  • The last book I read was

    Old Filth (Jane Gardam)

  • My favorite view in the world is

    Constructivist: rectilinear, with some round element––or gesture at 45º––activating the space


  • Building a mid-century- and Bauhaus-inspired home away from home in Hudson, NY

  • Accompanying my other half on music I certainly didn’t grow up with

  • Constantly brushing two long-haired hounds, who don’t ever appreciate it

  • Enjoying the arts in Boston: music, theatre, galleries

  • Eating baked goods from my in-home patisserie