The Jackson Laboratory

Better healthcare based on the unique genetic makeup of each individual

We completed a significant branding project with The Jackson Laboratory, the catalyst for which was a newly expanded focus for the more than 80-year-old organization—and the need to attract the interest and support of new constituencies.

JAX is refocusing their work with mammalian genetics to home in on the promise of genomic medicine and more direct clinical application. They have a new director, a second home in Connecticut, new people, and new strategic directions.

We collaborated with senior leadership to develop a messaging framework that clearly and concisely defines who JAX is today—and what value it holds for the organization’s different constituents.

Paired with the rollout of this messaging, we held training workshops at their headquarters in Bar Harbor. Our goal was to ensure that all who communicate on JAX’s behalf are comfortably fluent with their core messages. We developed a new visual system for the organization, key communications, and trained their staff in the use of the new verbal and visual framework.

We needed a way to tell our story more clearly and effectively through a variety of media, and from different parts of the institution. It was a challenge—many here bridle at the term “marketing” and our culture is highly participatory. Our work with Sametz Blackstone has exceeded expectations. We are finally getting our story straight and the process has generated a level of enthusiastic agreement I have never seen here.

Sametz has engaged more than 100 people from across the organization—scientists, management, staff, and trustees. They have refined messages and visuals through several iterations to produce a message that we all believe in. Change doesn’t come easily, but Sametz Blackstone has helped make it happen.

Mike Hyde, VP for External Affairs and Strategic Partnerships 

Connecting to the science of DNA and embracing the JAX moniker

Defining a visual brand




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