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Four dimensions of brand-focused research

by Caity McLaughlin Lischick for New England Journal of Higher Education

Behind the headlines with Roger Sametz

by Maria Materise for Cision

What your designer and developer want you to know about building a website

by Meg Fowler Tripp for iMedia Connection

Millennials looking for more engagement opportunities, alignment with personal values

by Nicholas King for Nonprofit Business Advisor

The power of story: bring your brand to life

by Brandon Comstock for Nonprofit World

Brandening: inch by inch, row by row, a step-by-step process to help your brand grow

by Meg Fowler Tripp

Much ado about millennials: connecting with today’s most enigmatic donors

by Meg Fowler Tripp for New York Society of Association Executives

When change is necessary: five reasons to embark on rebranding

by Roger Sametz for PR News

When change is unnecessary: five reasons not to embark on rebranding

by Roger Sametz for PR News

What for-profit businesses can learn from nonprofits

by Roger Sametz with Mark Volpe for

Increasing board performance: creating comfortable, fluent ambassadors

by Roger Sametz for Nonprofit Information

Time to rebrand. Or maybe not.

by Roger Sametz