Donna Feetham

Principal and Finance Manager

Donna keeps all our numbers lined up like the proverbial ducks in rows, and ensures that what goes in and what goes out makes sense at the end of the month and the year. She’s also the first voice you hear (most of the time) if you call our office—and a friendly one, at that.

“Having been here over two decades, I’ve seen many, many organizations and people come in and out of our front door. I’m happy to be part of the structure that supports the work our team does, and to see the incredible ways we help our clients do what they do.”

  • I can’t live without my

    Morning scone from Flour Bakery

  • Fun fact about me

    I went to high school with legendary diva, Donna Summer

  • My favorite time of year on Blackstone Square

    Spring or Fall, when the weather is perfect, the leaves are on the trees, and the old fountain is flowing

  • The best moment of the year in our office

    The Sam*Bee awards!


  • Jetting off with my family to Aruba to get away from the snow

  • If it’s not Aruba, it’s DisneyWorld!

  • Watching my grandkids grow into amazing people in their own right

  • Trading stories with friends I’ve known since middle school, as a lifelong Bostonian

  • Eating the best Mexican food the city has to offer