Building awareness before finishing the building

MIT.nano is a high-profile building project—an open, cross-disciplinary nanotechnology market space—located in the heart of the MIT campus. With construction on the building underway, the MIT.nano team needed a way to reach out and connect with two main audiences:

  • As a fundraising initiative, the site’s navigation and primary content are in sync with the project’s case statement, for reference by potential supporters;
  • As a community portal, the day-to-day details of the ongoing construction and its ramifications are easily shared with the MIT community as a whole.

To meet these needs we created an extensible, responsive Drupal website. While meeting the rigorous MIT standards for accessibility and sustainability, we came up with a curated, semi-automated authoring workflow to ease editorial burdens of the client team by repurposing existing nanotechnology articles from the MIT News Office. Our collaboration with the MIT.nano team continues as their advancement efforts ramp up and we evolve the site to meet those needs.


MIT.nano homepage
A nexus for collaborative problem-solving interior page
Professors and graduate students from their labs combine insights from mechanical and chemical engineering to develop novel water-repelling surfaces
MIT.nano Video Gallery interior page
MIT.nano morpho butterfly wing
Three views of responsive MIT.nano website on iPhone