Harvard College Symphony Society

Building the next generation of performing arts champions

In 2015, a Harvard College freshman had the dream of providing his fellow students with access to the world-class symphonic concerts he had grown up enjoying with his family. Through an innovative partnership with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and the generous support of Harvard College, Harvard College Symphony Society was born.

HCSS works to inspire a lifelong engagement with symphonic music—and, ultimately, to connect top-tier orchestras around the world with local Harvard alumni who have the talent, means, and leadership to champion the art form. We partnered with HCSS to craft their brand messaging, a new visual identity, a comprehensive suite of communications collateral, and a vibrant website to welcome students, partners, and donors to engage with their passionate support of the performing arts.

Now, less than half a decade later, thousands of students have had the opportunity to attend free concerts and intimate meet-and-greets with artists and arts leaders, and HCSS waiting lists remain packed every year.



Defining a sophisticated and lively brand

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