MIT: Access MIT

Your commute counts. Switch it up.

This Fall, MIT set out to redefine the commuting experience for its employees with new benefits. These new benefits are part of Access MIT, a broader vision that seeks to provide staff, students, faculty, and visitors with flexible, affordable, and low-carbon choices. The goals of Access MIT are to decrease the number of faculty members and employees using their cars to commute to campus by providing incentives to use alternate modes of transport.

We collaborated closely with 43,000 Feet, a Boston-based content strategy and messaging firm, the MIT Office of Sustainability, MIT Transit Lab, and MIT Committee for Transportation and Parking to help this campaign drive behavioral change on campus. Upon learning about Access MIT’s mission and desired outcomes we developed and presented a range of visual systems and identifiers to the stakeholders at MIT. We then worked with our team members through rounds of refinement to hone-in on a final cohesive visual brand—which is now being implemented on a range of digital and printed collateral around campus. This collateral includes launch presentations, Infinite Corridor ads, posters, stickers, and web assets. We also worked with 43,000 Feet to complete a small visual and verbal brand guideline as well as design asset library, so that our counterparts at MIT can continue to increase participation and awareness amongst employees and faculty over the course of this campaign.

A custom wordmark with a variety of applications

Visual and verbal brand guidelines

Commute mode stickers


Infinite corridor display ads