Brand, firsthand: branding in academia with Lyn Chamberlin

by Roger Sametz and Lyn Chamberlin

In our first in a series of brand-focused conversations with our most frequent collaborators, industry partners, and friends, communications pro Lyn Chamberlin talks to Roger Sametz about the importance of a strong brand for academic institutions.

In this in-depth conversation (conducted via Zoom), Roger and Lyn dig into:

  • Why a well-developed academic brand is more important than ever before, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many in-person admission interviews and tours going “virtual,” the way you look, speak, and behave with your prospects at a distance is your best hope of fostering engagement.
  • How to convey the importance of a strong brand to your leadership. To effectively build a brand, you need buy-in at every level of your organization, and the way you approach and speak to leadership about the branding process will play a huge role in engendering that support.
  • What role a strong brand can play in crisis communications. When challenges arise, the work you’ve put into articulating your value and values will make the difference between crisis communications that fall flat, and a deepened connection with your community.

… and much, much more. After more than two decades of collaboration over five different institutions, Roger and Lyn have many lessons to share.

Lyn Chamberlin is a seasoned communications professional who has held senior leadership positions across a diverse range of academic institutions, on top of her work as a brand consultant for companies like Polaroid, Navigant, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts, an Emmy award-winning television producer, and a coach for women in leadership.