Paul Kruczynski

Web Developer

As a Digital Media Developer, Paul works alongside our strategists, designers, and user experience pros to develop thoughtful, functional, elegant websites that do exactly what our clients need them to do.

“What do I love about my job? Helping people communicate more effectively (really!). Destroying site cruft. Trying new, exciting (and occasionally useless) technologies. Free Coffee. The dog park across the street.”

  • I can’t live without my

    I can’t live without my: A 5lb (2.27kg) ingot made of 100% donut near me at all times; Air; Water; Columbo; and (Tie) Music / Peanut Butter.

  • My office soundtrack is

    Michael on the spiral stairs; Donna paging people on the intercom; probably should wear headphones more; Alex's humorous vociferations from two floors up.

  • Everyone in the office knows I love my

    Links. I love sharing links. Links to articles, links to tips, links to software, links to links of links that are linked to other links that list links. (Note: I prefer to call it knowledge sharing).


  • Mostly harmless.