Joan McCarthy

UX Strategist

As a UX Strategist, Joan helps our strategy, design, and digital teams create user-centered digital experiences that enable our clients to serve their audiences more effectively. Or, as she says, “making everything better, online.”

“I like helping organizations who make a difference in the world to make even more of a difference. Plus, I enjoy having smart, interesting, fun people to work and play with! And getting my quads in better shape, going up and down all these stairs.”

  • You can't live without...

    Peter (my soulmate, my husband, my designated driver), and my kayak.

  • My ideal workday includes...

    Using my talents and skills to delight clients, teammates, and people who I will never have a chance to meet!

  • Your favorite view in the world is...

    Watching airplanes take off and land at Logan airport at night, sitting on our deck. We live on a little hill miles and miles way but yes those specs of light do come from Logan. I checked on Google Maps.

  • My (not exactly) five favorite things are...

    Nobska, friends, my bike and my skis, our wood stove, Tom Brady, (plus, Peter, my kayak, and our deck!)


  • Fantasizing about Kondoizing

  • Writing poetry

  • Swimming, biking and kayaking, cross country and downhill skiing

  • Binge-watching episodes of Ancient Aliens

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