Jenn Gregory

Digital Strategist

As a Digital Strategist, Jenn works with our strategists, designers, developers, and clients to translate complex communication and functional needs into beautiful, intuitive digital landscapes. .

“As a big believer in the humanity behind technology, I love that my job every day is connecting those dots, and being an advocate for people. I especially love that in the ever-evolving industry that is the web, I’m never done learning.”

  • I can’t live without my

    Hubway bike share membership

  • My favorite view in the world is

    The ice cream counter at Toscanini’s

  • My office soundtrack is

    The voice of Roman Mars (of 99% Invisible)


  • Backyard gardening and bird watching

  • Running in 200-mile overnight relay races

  • Volunteering at local TEDx events

  • Perfecting the tortilla española skillet flip