Caity Lischick

Director of Strategy

As Director of Strategy, Caity takes the lead on brand strategy collaborations with our clients, conducting in-depth research and developing brand foundation and messaging architectures—all in the service of helping complex organizations navigate change and differentiate themselves on the competitive landscape.

“I love how intellectually exciting this work is—really getting to understand the challenges our clients face and the audiences with whom they seek to connect.

It’s also a pleasure to explore the incredible variety of industries we work with—for example, in one day jumping from a project for an asset manager to one for a symphony orchestra to one for a university, and so on.”

  • I can’t live without my

    Breakfast, with a strong cup of tea

  • You’ll find my nose buried in the

    Latest issue of The New Yorker

  • I believe in the value of

    Inbox zero

  • When I’m not on Blackstone Square, you’ll find me

    Chasing my very energetic kindergartener, and bringing her little brothers along for the ride


  • Relaxing on Block Island with my family

  • Enjoying our local museum, and spreading the word about their work

  • Enjoying the beach, just a few blocks from our home

  • Is wine an extracurricular?

  • Seeking out the perfect scone