MIT Sloan School of Management

Over the last eight years, we’ve been working with the MIT Sloan School of Management to first define, and then continue to implement, a new brand and communications program.


Big picture, the goals were to more accurately position the school, dispel some lingering misperceptions, capture the energy and passion that drives faculty, staff, and students, and provide the strategic and tactical support needed to increase awareness, comprehension, participation, and support.


We collaborated to bolster both recruitment and fundraising—and to knit the differing offerings into a portfolio that is larger than the sum of its parts. A new annual report on philanthropy—along with a new magazine for alumni—has strengthened connections with alumni, built pride, and bolstered development efforts.

Because the organization is not monolithic—and neither are its constituents—the system was built with “volume” and “tone” controls: built-in ways for the system to be “tuned” for different initiatives and audiences.

Results: After the new brand system was rolled out, applications to MIT Sloan increased more than forty percent within three years, student satisfaction increased dramatically, student employment figures were at or near the top in the industry, and rankings improved significantly. MIT Sloan’s Wall Street Journal ranking went from 38th to 9th, and the program recorded one of the fastest and largest upward climbs in the Business Week ranking, to the #4 position. In addition, the percentage of women enrolled rose from 28% to 34%—achieving a key goal of the program.