Translating the energy and excitement of creating art


MassArt, as the United States’ first independent, public, degree-granting art school, has a unique role and voice in the Massachusetts arts community, as well as the broader landscape of national arts education. The school seeks to engage up-and-coming artists who will be a great fit for the school’s pioneering, experimental spirit, as well as dynamic members of the greater arts community who will continue to support students and graduates as they build their careers.

The school is a massive, rambling, architecturally chaotic grouping of buildings. The diversity of pursuits and personalities housed within is just as varied. It’s a fascinating place filled with all manner of explorations and creations. It’s also, as befits a school dedicated to the plastic arts, a messy place filled with exotic colors, textures, sounds, and smells. It’s a mecca for the aspiring artist/designer/architect.

If you’re inclined to want to make art, visiting MassArt is about as much inducement as a student would need to apply. Our mission: to bring the sensibility and sensation of being at MassArt as alive as possible on the printed page. 

We have created two cycles of admissions materials: both mirror, as much as possible, the tangible, physical, excitement of the place and the people creating within. The viewbooks, while clearly organized and structured, are messy and tactile. They capture the vibrancy and energy of the institution, while also elevating the vision and passion of their students and faculty as individuals.

Both viewbook suites (there are ancillary pieces that map to different touchpoints in the recruitment cycle) invite interaction with prospects; clearly differentiate the school from its peers; make use of methods and materials to deliver a welcomed experience; and elevate student stories through word and image.