League of American Orchestras

The League is the umbrella trade association for the country’s orchestras––from the large orchestras in major cities to youth orchestras in high schools.


The League helps orchestras do what they can’t usually do for themselves: provide research, education and leadership development, and advocacy at different levels of government. We have worked with them to put a new brand communications system in place that is helping them to realize their new strategic plan.


They sought to become “transformative, a catalyst, an incubator, a cultivator, and an ‘evangelist’ for orchestras;” the League will “lead, encourage, support, and serve orchestras as they assure the vitality of the musical experience, strengthen the entire orchestral organization, and deepen their connections with their public and their communities.”

Through new communication initiatives we, are helping them to be an expanded source of talent and leadership development, become a powerful engine for innovation and R+D, be an indispensable source for meaningful information, and be a stronger advocate for the orchestra field.

In addition to helping them to better define their messages, offerings, and verbal and visual expression, we evolved a new name (League of American Orchestras); we’ve crafted a new infrastructure for electronic communications that will allow the collection, analysis, and dissemination of data to the field; a new website is up and running; and we’re working together to evolve the strategies and materials necessary to raise the money to support the League’s ambitious new directions.