Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center

This innovative organization, founded eight years ago as the Harvard Center for Neurodegeneration and Repair, uses a novel organizational structure and funding system to tackle the problems of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s at a systems level—bringing together creative academic research and results-oriented (but risk-averse) pharmaceutical development.


Until 2006, it communicated mainly to other scientists, and subsisted on a large founding grant and federal grants. It was time to develop a public resource development program, and to reconfigure their approach to outreach. We renamed the Center and developed a modest but comprehensive communications program with two key goals: to position the NeuroDiscovery Center as a leader in neurodegeneration research with a breakthrough approach and world-class resources; and to create and build relationships with high-value philanthropic prospects who will advance the bold research agenda. A new website, with video answers to common questions, has proved quite compelling.