Direxion has offered alternatives for modern portfolios since 1997, offering practical investment solutions to today’s market challenges with a broad suite of alternative investment strategies.


Over the course of 6+ years, we’ve collaborated to help Direxion transform into a dynamic leader in the alternative investment space. In February 2006, we led a complete re-branding and re-positioning of the company, and continue our work today with a wide range of communications projects including multi-media advertising campaigns, websites, social media consulting, educational collateral, tradeshow materials, and much more.


In November of 2008, we helped launch Direxion Shares, the company’s innovative new line of leveraged ETFs. A Direxion Shares identity and messaging platform was developed, along with a new website, tradeshow materials, and a multi-media advertising campaign.

Most recently, we planned and designed a dynamic new website (combining the Direxion Funds and Direxion Shares brands under one roof for the first time), and continue to create and produce advertising campaigns across media (video, web, TV, print) for their evolving suite of products.

Over the course of our collaboration, we’ve seen Direxion grow from 4 full-time staff to more than 30, with assets under management increasing significantly as well. Our work has garnered a number of awards, including the Mutual Fund Education Alliance’s “2008 Star Award for Best Advisor Web Site,” and Fund Action’s “2008 Fund Marketer of the Year” award for the Direxion Shares communications program.