Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

For the largest musical organization in the Southeast, we were engaged in four related assignments, which, together, are advancing how the organization is understood and valued by diverse constituencies.


By crafting and implementing a multi-faceted brand program, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is bolstering sales and corporate sponsorship, and building the connections, relationships—and pride—necessary to further private philanthropy (both broad-based and major giving). There are 4 key components:


1. Brand strategy: Our research—qualitative and quantitative, internal and external—indicated the need to go to market with two brands: one for the classical performing organization and one for the significant part of the business involved in more “popular” music.

2. Message development: Not only does the organization have different businesses which have to be understood and valued by different constituencies to be successful, it is unique in its industry in that it operates three venues. Our task was to develop a messaging structure that helped different constituents, from different areas and cultures, with different musical interests, to understand both the scope of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and, more importantly, have a reason to care about whichever part of the organization is important to them.

3. Visual brand expression: While a new brand strategy and new messaging structure were absolutely necessary, these changes would never truly be meaningful to constituents without a complementary, robust system of visual expression. New identifiers for the organization’s two brands have been developed; approaches to type, color, imagery, and design will reinforce the Atlanta Symphony’s position in the landscape.

4. Website: 2011 saw the launch of the new Atlanta Symphony Orchestra website—and the design and function of the site has already garnered industry awards and nods.