Crafting your brand strategy takes research and thought. We ask big questions—and get to the right answers, ideas, and solutions… together.

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Every strategy engagement here begins with a series of (sometimes challenging!) questions: what do you do… and how is what you do perceived by those outside of your organization?

Why do you do it… and why should others care?

What matters most to you… and to those you serve, and to those who support you?

Why do people engage with you… and why don’t they?

Who needs to hear your story, and hasn’t yet? Has your organization changed—for better or for worse—and have your communications kept pace with that change?

To get the answers to those questions, we talk to people inside and outside your organization, do in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, conduct internal and competitive communications audits—and then collaborate with you to create the opportunities and connections you need to get you where you want to go. And we don’t do anything unless we’ve got a good reason to do it.

So whether our shared goal is to build a memorable brand identity, to craft a compelling new set of messages,  to create communications to target a specific audience, to clarify tricky brand relationships between the different parts of your organization, or to re-calibrate your story to influence how others perceive you for the better…. we start by getting to know you well, first.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions at Sametz Blackstone. And that’s why our solutions succeed.

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