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Design is elemental
Design is elemental

Today, design is more important than ever.

We heralded the ascendancy of the Information Age in the 1980s; we can now raise a flag (and a website, blog, blast, tweet, and ringtone) to mark the Often Too Much Information Age. To be sure, it's great that we can google, bing, link, and roll-over our way to almost anything we are interested in. But sometimes there is so much data -- so many answers and inputs -- that it's hard to make decisions. And for the company or organization trying to connect meaningfully to people who might buy, support, or participate in programs and services, being seen, heard, and differentiated is an increasing challenge.

Design can help. Whether the need is to help people draw conclusions from complex data through thoughtful information design, communicate an organization's value and values through the design of a comprehensive brand system, or make it easier for people to find exactly what they're looking for through intuitive website navigation, design and designers can elevate and elucidate content, help you communicate on both rational and emotional levels, and help you start and build relationships.

During this period of prolific pixels, where the pings of constant communication, sound bites, and skimming make it hard to create resonance, design can provide a competitive advantage -- influencing and shaping experience, moving people to act in your favor, and encouraging both customers and commentators to share with others what you'd like shared.

In this edition of Brand Matters, we explore how an innovative, holistic approach to brand design can connect and amplify communications across media to help an organization grow; offer tips on how to maximize the value of the client / designer relationship; and give you some examples of what such a partnership can produce.

Ideally, beauty and utility are mutually generative.
Paul Rand, Thoughts on Design, 1946

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Designing partnerships
Direxion Funds: a (multimedia) star is born Direxion Funds: a multimedia
case study

Follow along as Sametz Blackstone collaborates with Direxion--a leading provider of leveraged index and other alternative class mutual fund products--on a series of education-focused, promotional campaigns for powerful new product sets.

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Designing dialogues Designing dialogues
Design Management Journal
by Roger Sametz
Customizing communications and communication paths to better engage customers and prospects--and to start and progress relationships.

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