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Your website is not your digital strategy
Digital Strategy

Not so long ago websites were the "must-have" digital media tool. Now it's social media. But no digital vehicle can, by itself, deliver the potential of digital communications. The best--and most successful--digital strategies integrate different tools and approaches to advance organizational goals.

A handy metaphor: think about putting together your organization's digital strategy as you would a job search.

Your website is your resumé. You need one, but you can't just tack it to your door, hoping someone will happen by, start reading, and make you an offer. Like your resumé, you need to promote your site--and keep it current.

A blog is an ongoing interview. Your blog gives a personal voice to your organization's interactions and operations. But as in an interview, make sure you're adding value, not just verbiage.

Social networking is . . . networking. Social networks help you move closer to your constituents by giving you--and them--a casual space in which to interact. Like "real-life" networking, when both sides get value, the relationship advances more quickly. So give as much as you get--or more.

E-mail marketing is a "check-in" call. As with a job search, you need to stay "top of mind." E-mail marketing lets you check in with constituents and keep them up-to-date. But respect people's time and inboxes--there's a fine line between marketing and harassment.

As in a job search, there are other rules to remember: Listen at least as much as you talk. Packaging (what you wear) and body language (how your communications behave) count. Be yourself.

Your website is not your digital strategy. It's a piece of it. By thinking about how all the pieces work (and look and feel) together to advance your goals, you'll get the most out of each individually. And maybe land that dream job, client, partner, or donor.

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