Explorations around important ideas and topics in our industry, and the communities we serve.

  • How to cultivate donors in a transactional world

    Our world is increasingly defined by transactions, and short-term ones at that. That creates an obvious conundrum for nonprofit fundraising, where building relationships over time is at the core of what “development” is all about (and indeed, why “development” is often the preferred term to “fundraising”).…

  • Ch-ch-changes

    2009 brought big changes to the branding and communications landscape. Thanks to social media, our constituents all have microphoneswhich gives our organizations an unprecedented ability to listen to, learn from, and connect with those we serve. At the same time, budgets are tighter than ever, making challenges and opportunities often look the same.…

  • Design is elemental

    We heralded the ascendancy of the Information Age in the 1980s; we can now raise a flag (and a website, blog, blast, tweet, and ringtone) to mark the Often Too Much Information Age. To be sure, it’s great that we can google, bing, link, and roll-over our way to almost anything we are interested in.…

  • Your website is not your digital strategy

    Not so long ago websites were the “must-have” digital media tool. Now it’s social media. But no digital vehicle can, by itself, deliver the potential of digital communications. The bestand most successfuldigital strategies integrate different tools and approaches to advance organizational goals.…

  • Building your brand on a budget

    Times are tough and resources are tight, but that doesn’t mean you should put off advancing your brand while you wait out the recession. Quite the opposite. To help ensure survivaland set the stage for growthyou need to take an active role in keeping your brand healthy. Those that do will be best positioned for success when the clouds part.…

  • Building bridges over troubled waters

    While your balance sheet may not look as healthy as you’d like it to right now, you’ve probably an asset that you’re under-valuingyour brand. Thoughtfully defined and, yes, invested in, it can provide a bridge to your organization, a connection that can help raise funds, friendsand a corps of enthusiastic advocates.…