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  • Measure twice, cut once: Going for fit in academic marketing and recruitment

    Having a better sense of who you are, what prospects are looking for, and for whom you’re a good fit, will help focus your marketing efforts––and, over time, increase yield and help you be known for what you want to be known for. More
  • Brandening: inch by inch, row by row, a step-by-step process to help your brand grow

    Now that the days have become longer and warmer and trees have their leaves, many of us find ourselves elbow-deep in cool soil. Nurturing plant life is something we’ve been doing to feed ourselves, shade ourselves, and beautify our surroundings for a long time––and those of us who enjoy both the process and product of gardening know that following best practices yields the best results (and the least frustration).…

  • Much ado about millennials: connecting with today’s most enigmatic donors

    In my work as an editorial strategist, a communications consultant, and a writer for non-profits and mission-driven organizations, one question has come up more than almost any other in the last year or two. Sometimes it’s not exactly posed as a question, mind you—it’s more of a slightly bewildered conversation starter.…

  • Brand-building for academic innovators

    Attending to one’s brand should be a high priority for all schools, but brand-building is even more important if you’re an innovator: if your response to––or anticipation of––the demographic, market, financial, and societal pressures in higher-ed has led you to create a new model. More
  • When change is necessary: Five reasons to embark on re-branding

    You’ve been working hard to reinforce your brand. Lately, however, people are starting to stick their heads in your office and suggest it’s time to re-brand. You’re getting comments like, “our brand is tired,” “out of date,” “time for a change,” “have you seen what the competition is doing?” But is re-branding the answer?More
  • When change is unnecessary: Five reasons not to embark on re-branding

    In the last fifteen years or so, “brand” has evolved from being what differentiated various kinds of toothpaste to being the buzzword and must-have it is today. And the stronger your brand, the better. But that doesn’t mean that re-branding your enterprise is a panacea for all that ails.More
  • Wielding a hot brand: Boston Business Journal profiles Roger Sametz

    The Boston Business Journal profiles Sametz Blackstone CEO Roger Sametz––and talks to him about the origins of the firm, its clients, the firm's approach to helping organizations evolve and succeed, and common missteps in branding.More
  • Your board as brand ambassadors: Roger Sametz on Nonprofit Radio

    Roger Sametz joined Tony Martignetti of on Nonprofit Radio to talk about empowering your board to serve as ambassadors for your organization.More
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