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  • A strong brand is integral to successful fundraising

    Once thought to be important only to the makers of laptops, soap, and cars, a strong brand is perhaps even more critical to the success and sustainability of nonprofit organizations.

    Connection, relevance, resonance

    Most nonprofit organizations operate within very competitive landscapes—vying for participants, staff, partners, board members, and, especially, funders.…

  • Achieving relevance: understanding and connecting with constituents

  • Know where you stand: gaining insight through research

    Not since the Big Bang has there been a moment’s peace in the universe, so it’s a given that your organization, the environments in which you operate, and your constituents are in a sea of change and uncertainty.…

  • A scientific method to tame social media madness

    Social media has been maddeningly short on evidence. While there are plenty of social media true believers, there aren’t yet a lot of truths. And, because social media is contextual—the right tools and the right use of them depend very much on the user, intended audience, and desired outcomes— it can be difficult to figure out which social media tactics best align with an organization’s marketing strategies and measurably advance its operational objectives.…

  • Designing success

    To those charged with creating and managing brands and communications––and to those who have to make sense of both in order to make decisions and get through their day––this year has brought more and less, more or less. More websites, blogs, tweets, blasts, links, and constituent participation.…

  • Social media reality check

    The more things change…

    Social media is indeed changing the ways though which brands can be built and expressed––and how they connect with, and influence, key constituencies. But successful brands have always been––and will continue to be––the ones that are understood and valued by their constituents, deliver on their promise, are differentiated in the competitive landscape, and are enthusiastically recommended by engaged brand advocates.…

  • 10 tips for an effective design process OR you have more in common with your designer than you think

    1. Request a creative brief. If you haven’t been offered one, ask the designer or strategist for a creative brief: an outline of the project goals to be adhered to over the course of the project. Both you and the designer should sign off on the brief.…

  • A strong brand is essential to success—and possibly survival